Join the team as a Savor Artist and feature your talent in upcoming events and media. Let’s collaborate to showcase your talent while getting your story out there to new audiences through live performances and social media.

Together, we can create unique experiences and engage new audiences by combining the power of musical performance with the joy of wine, food, and other sensory arts. Feel free to reach out and help us highlight your perspective as well as your performance.

Since the early stages of Savor Your Senses in 2009, we’ve worked with dozens of artists:

  • Music of all types (vocal, instrumental, bands, etc.)
  • Music of all genres (classical, hip hop, rock, jazz, folk, etc.)
  • Dancers of all types (modern, tap, jazz, aerial, ballet, etc.)
  • Other sensory arts (painters, sculptors, culinary artists, etc.)

We’d love to have you as part of the Savor family if you:

  • Perform with passion and enjoy engaging with an audience
  • Look for creative opportunities to cross-promote your brand and attract new followers
  • Love music and the exploration of other sensory arts!

In a world where quality is often overlooked for mass appeal and mass distribution, we believe in highlighting excellence and providing a platform for a variety of viewpoints.

Join us to create Savor experiences that are valuable, memorable, and fun. Reach out to discover how we can work together at