Each Savor experience is a collaboration between the Artists, Experts, Sponsors, and Clients/Audience… But each of those collaborators wants something else out of the relationship!

We work with each constituent to make Savor Your Senses a valuable, memorable, enjoyable experience. Reach out to discover how we can work together at info@SavorYourSenses.com


(musicians, dancers, etc.)

Live out your story to a new audience while showcasing your undeniable talent through live performances and social media.


(winemakers, chefs, authors, etc.)

Share your knowledge and passion for your field, while promoting projects to new audiences in new ways.


(corporate, charitable, etc.)

Engage people and help them learn about your product, company, or vision, while creating content that’s shareable and fun.


(for private events and public guests)

Entertain, wine and dine your guests in a unique, memorable way, and enjoy a shared experience that is customized to your purpose.