Savor Your Senses® started organically in 2009 with Elaine Kwon performing for friends at home. In preparation for a concert at Carnegie Hall, Elaine and Kevin McCaffrey had groups of friends over to hear her play through pieces and have some wine.

Between each piece, these friends always had questions about the music, Elaine’s inspiration… and “more wine, please!” To keep it moving, Kevin needed to be ready to serve a thirsty group, and he found it only made sense to serve a single wine with a solid justification. Half the fun was finding out which wine recommendation came next and why.

Matching with a purpose made the entire experience better than the sum of the parts.. A “bubbly” Chopin Etude inspired a pairing with Prosecco… a softer, sentimental movement from a Rubinstein concerto inspired a Montepulciano d’Abruzzo… Purposefully pairing music and wine together resulted in fun, familiar conversations with friends.

We talked about how these elements fit together. Friends loved the up-close and personal setting, allowing them to see and feel the action on the piano, hear the full sound, and taste wine that accompanied the evenings. We engaged all our senses, even the sense of camaraderie.

We wanted to Savor those moments… and create more. Savor Your Senses was born.
In April 2010, Elaine and Kevin transformed this concept into a recital series and expanded the music pairings to include food, spirits, art, fashion, and other sensory arts. Now they’re building a platform of curated events that elevate life by bringing artists and audiences together for unique shared experiences.