Be a Savor Expert

Since we started the event series in 2009, we’ve worked with dozens of experts who share their passion with new audiences. And we help them find new ways to engage their fans. We’re always looking for new experts to share their perspective and create new experiences.

Music tells a story, and we bring that story to life with related sensory experiences and expertise that weave it all together. People want to know that there’s purpose behind the pairings, and they want to hear it introduced and explained by the best minds in the business!

Winemakers tie in tales of their terroir and family secrets to bring a new level of understanding and meaning. Chefs share their inspiration and wow crowds with their culinary creations. Choreographers, authors, entrepreneurs, and other experts are able to express their vision.

We hope to hear how your expertise can be showcased through creative combinations with musical performance.

We want to help with Savor experience that is valuable, memorable, and fun. Reach out to discover how we can work together at